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We believe that the intersection of  the physical and virtual worlds will create profound opportunities in the construction, design, real estate, security and public policy sectors. We are testing and innovating constantly, through doing the work.


Integrating the past, present and future of built space.

We're real-world experts on the issues that affect and define our built environment. We've used this knowledge of the needs of operators and occupiers of spaces to develop a unique and practical approach to collecting and using data.

Our core scanning services provide us with the capability to build further tools to help you plan, program, and make decisions, in an environment of increasing cost and complexity. 

Who We are

Bringing serious design experience to property technology.

  • Our techniques and knowledge have been shaped by decades of experience in architecture, design and construction.

  • We are innovators by nature, and we are serious about technology, and about being in the driver's seat with our tools.

  • We are strategic thinkers, and accustomed to bringing complex ideas to fruition.

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