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We provide 3D asset capture, planning and management services to the real estate, design and construction industries.

We can help you to document conditions in various 3D media, and to leverage the data gathered to support your design, leasing, maintenance and other operational efforts.

Who We Service 


3D scans provide accurate measurements of your property, which can be helpful for a variety of reasons, including creating floor plans, verifying square footage, and assessing damage.  We can also create virtual tours of your property, allowing potential tenants to view the space remotely and saving you time on in-person showings. 3D scans also document the condition of a property before and after moves, helping to avoid disputes over damages. 


You can visit a property without having to travel, saving time and effort. A 3D scan can also provide you with a detailed layout of a property, allowing you to better plan your furniture and decorations before you move in. Additionally, 3D scans can be used to document the condition of a property at the start and end of your lease, making it easier to claim your security deposit back if there are any disputes over damages.


Matterport Scanning

We can send a technician to scan your space and create a digital-twin record of the space that can be used for various purposes



Using Your Data to Generate Value

Digital Twins create the opportunity for uses beyond simple documentation, and can reduce friction and barriers between the many parties in the built asset value chain.



Our primary market is the greater Toronto area, or Central Canada generally, as scan technician travel times are most affordable from our main location. However, we are able to scan anywhere accessible by plane, train, automobile, boat, snowmobile, or pack-animal. Analytical and planning services are based in Toronto, but these are available remotely, as facilitated by our scans. We can provide custom quotes for any special locations or projects.


Greater Toronto Area 


Ontario West 

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